Size Ø aprx.20 cm!

    100% Bio-Nature

    100% Good Taste

    100% Grill Fun Warranty

    100% Growing Row Material

    100% Different and All-Purpose Use

    100% - 0, 10 Eurocent from every Bio-Wood-Grill sold go on afforestation.

    Steak Restaurants – Grill Stations – Field Kitchen – Street Sales

Stand – Grill Events

    Burns immediately – no chemical igniters or fluids needed any more!

    Heat ready for grilling products in aprx.20 minutes (ready for usefast).

    More than 2, 5 hours grill fun while the heat remains even.·

    Awesome gift idea

    For baking- grilling- boiling- cooking or smoking food.

    Outdoor – Safari – Alpine – Hiking – Fishing – Desert Trip –Steppe – Ice fishing – Beach – Seashore

    Summer House – Camping Vacation – Caravan – Tents – Bike ride· 

    Child safe grilling in the grill available on site since there is no direct heat contact to the metal.

    No dangerous lacquer burning on metal or aluminium

    For use in an existing grill  (Grill in Grill) and Smoking chambers as grill cartridge (on special request)

    No charcoal -  no wood – Grill coal – no ignition fluid –everything included

·       Looking for distributors or country general importers worldwide.